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Wie schon 2012 mit dem Tala, dann dem Tandem Dual, und 2015 mit der Allzweckwaffe Base, sind wir nun abermals als erster Händler in Deutschland beliefert worden, jetzt mit dem neuen Sportklasseflügel  CURE .


Und wir sind begeistert von diesem Flügel!



Qualität, Leistung, Flugverhalten und Design sind mehr als bemerkenswert.


Wir stehen Dir gerne mit Rat und Tat zur Verfügung - Kontaktiere uns für einen Testflug !


Hier ein paar Bilder von den ersten Flügen mit dem CURE.

New BGD video  showing the 2016 colour schemes of the BASE - Enjoy watching this beautyful video!

Product news - BGD Base - EN/LTF B


We got the first demo-wing in germany and did some little XCs and thermic flights on this brand new machine. First of all: It´s a fantastic wing !
What´s immediatelly eye catching when you unpack the BASE is it´s leading edge. The combination of BGDs cord cut billow, the mini ribs and the intersecting nylon-rods in the shark nose resulting in a clean and sharp looking leading edge.
The risers are slim and clearly arranged, with c-riser handles, the new SnapLock brakehandle holders and big high quality Harken pulleys.
Launching, even in zero wind, is super easy and how it should be.
From the first second in the air it feels comfortable and intuitive to fly.
It has a extraordinary direct handling and is very compact and stable. Pressure on steeringlines is ideal, not to soft, slowly increasing progressively. Feedback of the canopy feels excellent, not nervous at all. Trimmspeed is high, around 40 km/h (load 90 kg on size M) with a fantastic glide, even on half bar...
Descriptions of paraglider characteristics are always difficult and a bit subjective, but we are impressed by the BASE.  You are looking for a durable allround wing - then you have to try the BASE.

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